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Date: 20/06/2017

Being AGILE and managing project in agile way is not only a statement but organisations have to “make it happen”. Organisations often think they are or could be agile. It could be a wishful thinking but in reality they have what I call an in-house “DNA”, usage, strong company culture which might not be in favour of developing agile practices. AGILE prior to be project management methods is first a mindset, a posture, a way of being. Be aware of “flawed AGILE”, it looks agile but it’s not.

In this article we explore 5 examples of area to check before launching an agile project.

TITLE: Ready for Agile? Five Questions to Test Your Company Culture

ABOUT THE ARTICLE: Organisations are facing so much unknown that they have to be ready almost for anything. That means the ability to launch quickly project and mobilise multi-skilled resources either in house or through pre-agreed commercial subcontracts or a mix of both. The AgilePM guidance of ABC (Agile Business Consortium) has an interesting document called “PAQ : Project Approach Questionnaire” used at the outset of the project. The questionnaire is in fact a risk assessment for the management side of the project. It helps defining if all stakeholders are effectively able to work in agile.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Antoine Breton has 30 years of experience in project management and technical Operations. He has been an agile management accredited trainer for the past 10 years on “Best Practices” in agile project and programs management: PRINCE2, DSDM – AGILE PM (Project Management and SCRUM) and AGILE PgM (Program Management). He performs consultancy work for embedding PRINCE2 and AGILE within organisations. He delivers training and support for the implementation of best practices. He is able to perform missions in English, and French.

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Date: 12/06/2017

PRINCE2 is firmly established as the world’s most practiced method for project management and is globally recognized for delivering successful projects. In January 2017 AXELOS, announced the upcoming arrival of updated PRINCE2 guidance and Foundation and Practitioner examinations.

Together, these form PRINCE2 2017 and represent the first major update to PRINCE2 since 2009.

TITLE OF THE WEBINAR: What is the PRINCE2 2017 Update? All You Need to Know

ABOUT THE EXPERT: David Maegerman has over 10 years of Project Management experience, performing various roles in different types of projects. As a Project Manager, he delivered IT solutions as well as sales/marketing projects in the distribution and insurance industry. He’s a multilingual trainer for PRINCE2 and Agile Project Management, able to perform courses in English, Dutch and French.

ABOUT THE WEBINAR: With this informative webinar QRP International wants to introduce you to the changes, understanding not only what changes in the content, but also what are the main reasons for the update, and how these updates will impact (or not impact) on your actual certification, and/or training plans.

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Date: 12/06/2017

Whichever it will be, we have no doubt that agile is transforming the field of project delivery and will fundamentally change the way the business and IT work together to successfully achieve change.

This is how the KPMG “Agile Project Delivery 2017 Survey” starts, and this one specific sentence already gives the clear idea about the increasing importance of Agile in the Project Management world.

While the difference between Waterfall PM methods and Agile ones seems to be well known among the PM community, it is more difficult to find out if there is a clear and realistic view of what “Agile” really means: our goal with this interview is to highlight how different frameworks are in use within digital companies, and how developers, project managers and team members work together.

TITLE: From Scrum to AgilePM: An Interview with a Web Developer

ABOUT THE ARTICLE: Looking at the fast growing digital companies in Belgium, we have decided to interview Pàu: their team consists of different profiles ranging from conceptual UX over frontend/javascript developers to experienced backend developers. Pàu recently delivered successful projects for Telenet, BNP Paribas Fortis, Colruyt-Group, KBC, De Persgroep, Mediahuis, Essent, Proximus, Boondoggle and many more.

We are living in a rapidly changing environment in which the customer has extensive demands. To succeed in satisfying these demands, organizations are forced to respond extremely quickly to new developments in the market” (from KPMG “Agile Project Delivery 2017 Survey”)

So it’s for Pàu: as specifically mentioned on their website www.pà : “Rather than having a single method of working through the project lifecycle, we adopt elements of ITIL, PRINCE2, AgilePM and SCRUM to dynamically apply a methodology that suits the needs of that specific assignment”.

This is why we have interviewed Kevin Pauwels, developer consultant, AgilePM certified and Scrum Master at Pàu, in order to investigate further the links between Agile and other well-known framework, such as Scrum, and to find out how this knowledge helps throughout the project. With Kevin’s words:

From being Scrum Master, I see AgilePM as the next step, as a way to upgrade my role and my skills, from a more technical role to a less technical one

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Date: 29/05/2017

At QRP International our mission is to support individuals and organizations in the development of the needed skills in order to be successful in the implementation of Project, Programme, Portfolio and Change Management. The goal is not only to provide information, but also to create awareness on the importance of the set up of a strong method for your projects and portfolio.  How?

We do so by organizing free events where professionals can network with peers, share lessons and experiences and ask finally their questions to the experts from the field.

This FREE Webinar will help you learning more about a method and the benefits for you and your organization:

TITLE OF THE WEBINAR: “ITIL Service Operation”

ABOUT THE WEBINAR: The 5 TIL Service Lifecycle modules are most relevant to those who have, or are looking for, a management or team leader role that requires management of different areas or work across different teams.

This webinar, in ITALIAN Language, will explain how the Service Operation makes sure IT services are delivered effectively and efficiently including the fulfilling of user requests, resolving service failures, fixing problems, as well as carrying out routine operational tasks

ABOUT THE EXPERT: Fabio Savarino is a Project Management/ IT Service management specialist with over 10 years of experience in different sectors: Public Administration, Banking, Insurance, SME. He is a trainer and Consultant for ITIL, PRINCE2  and Agile Project Management, a



For more information about the content, contact-us and we will reply you with a mail or call as soon as possible.

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Date: 29/05/2017

The new Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 official manual has just came out (on May 18th) and is now available to be ordered (follow this link to get our copy).

But Axelos decided to trigger your curiosity even more by allowing the FREE download of the “Content summary” of the 2017 version of the PRINCE2 manual and furthermore the download of the Chapter 4 “Tailoring and adopting PRINCE2“, the NEW chapter that promises to make PRINCE2 even more scalable and flexible.

As stated in the chapter itself:

The tailoring guidance provided in this manual is not exhaustive, as the application of PRINCE2 is limitless. This guidance is provided to illustrate things to consider ad some example tactics that can be applied“.


The fourth chapter of the official PRINCE2 2017 manual has the goal to show how to use the inherent flexibility of PRINCE2 to tailor it for any project and build an organizational PRINCE2-based project management method. This chapter includes situations that the project manager may encounter.

In fact, the chapter that is now available for download includes:

  • what you can and cannot tailor
  • who is responsible for tailoring and documenting
  • examples of different project environments
  • tailoring and embedding PRINCE2 in an organization

The chapter also contains specific lists of tips that refer to how to ensure that the tailoring of the methods actually adds value, and illustrates 5 common situation where to tailor PRINCE2:

  1. PRINCE2 in simple projects
  2. PRINCE2 in projects using an Agile approach
  3. PRINCE2 in projects involving a commercial customer and supplier relationship
  4. PRINCE2 in projects involving multiple owning organizations
  5. PRINCE2 in projects within programmes

TO READ AND DOWNLOAD THE FULL CHAPTER: simply follow this link!

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Date: 26/05/2017

P3 for PA” is the name of yearly conference that QRP International dedicates specifically to the Public Administration: P3 stands for “P3 Management, so Project, Programme, Portfolio”; and PA stands for Public Administration in fact.

Nowadays, organisations need to change better, faster, cheaper: there are many factors of Change that companies and organizations need to recognize and know how to face. These “factors” are technically called “Drivers of Change“, and they investigate the key global issues and trends driving change in our societies and markets.

These kind of changes affect the organisations in many different ways: in order to be ready, any organization need to have a strong structure, which goes beyond strong Project Management only. This “strong structure” is the so called P3 (or PPM) Framework, the Project, Programme and Portfolio Management levels within each company or organization.

P3 FOR PA – THIRD EDITION: 2017 marks the third edition of this dedicated conference for the Public Administration. The panel of speakers of past editions of this conference included Mr. Bart Vandersmissen, Head of Change Management at Eurocontrol, Mr. Peter Wauters, Program Manager Portfolio Office at FPS Health, Food Chain & Environment and Ms. Annabele Haegeman, Strategic Coordination and Communication at FPS Finance.

ABOUT THE CONFERENCE: our P3 Framework event focuses on Public Organizations, due to the different and specific Management of Benefits that need to be put in place in this sector. This unique event will gather key persons from the industry and help you learning more about the P3 framework and how your organization can benefit from implementing or improving it. First objective of the conference is surely to be more familiar with the P3 structure and on how to set up a P3 structure in any organization. By networking and sharing with peers and experts from the field, participants will also be able to develop some ideas on how to improve their own organisation.

ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: together with the expert trainer and consultant from QRP International, Georges de Wasseige, two are the guest speakers invited this year: Mr. Mahy Didier, Executive Projects & Portfolio Management Officer at AFMPS (Agence Fédérale des Médicaments et Produits de Santé); and Mr. Tom Van Medegael, Project Management Officer at Smals.

Visit the event page at this link for all further details about the presentation and practical details on the location.


  • Location: The International Auditorium, Brussels (Rogier Area)
  • Date: 19 September 2017
  • Time: 18h00 -21h30 – Registration starts at 17h30 (Walking dinner included)
  • Language: French/Dutch/English – Speakers will present in their own language. Participant can ask questions in their own language
  • Attendance fee: FREE entrance, inscription required
  • Inscription: to enroll please follow this link and fill in the form.
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