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Date: 14/11/2022
From the 14th to the 27th November 2022 we offer you a 30% discount on all our E-learning courses!     Have a look at our E-learning offer and choose between:
E-Learning PackagesLanguages availablePrice
ITIL FoundationEnglish French German€ 413 instead of € 590
PRINCE2 FoundationEnglish French€ 413 instead of € 590
PRINCE2 PractitionerEnglish French€ 413 instead of € 590
PRINCE2 CombiEnglish French€ 735 instead of € 1050
AgilePM FoundationEnglish French€ 413 instead of € 590
NEW! PRINCE2 Agile FoundationEnglish€ 413 instead of € 590

6 good reasons to choose the E-Learning platform

  1. Explanatory videos: our experts have cooked up a series of clear and interactive videos to teach you the method, help you pass your exam(s), and apply it to your projects.
  2. Interactive readings: the interactive readings further explain some key concepts. You can use these readings if you are interested in learning more about the recommended actions when applying the method.
  3. Mock exam questions: in each lesson you will find a number of multiple choice questions to simulate the real exam experience.
  4. 6 months access minimum: take the time you need: You will have access to the online learning platform for 6 to 10 months (depending on the online course). Within these months you can set your own schedule and divide the course as you like.
  5. MemoTrainer: QRP uses the MemoTrainer™ system designed to challenge learners by selective repetition and smart exercises to activate knowledge and stimulate long term memory.
  6. Tutor support: our elearning solution is based on an easy structure and meant to be self explanatory. Even so, every participant is unique and to make sure that you feel confident with every next step of your study approach you can contact your tutor if you have any questions about the lessons you just covered.

The offer is valid from the 14th to the 27th of November and is limited to 3 E-learning packages per company.

Do you have further questions? Contact us or visit our page!

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Date: 25/10/2022

We are happy to announce that QRP International is one of the launching partners of the PM² Group. The PM² Group is a non-profit consortium of professionals and organisations that facilitate and promote the usage of the PM² project management methodology.

What is the PM² Project Management Methodology?

PM² is a project management methodology developed by the European Commission. Its purpose is to enable Project Managers to deliver solutions and benefits to their organisations by effectively managing the entire lifecycle of their projects. PM² has been developed and supported by the European Union Institutions, with their projects in mind but is transferable to projects in any organisation.

Until the end of 2016, the PM² Methodology and Certification was only available to the staff of EU institutions. With the OpenPM² Initiative, the European Commission decided to provide open access to the PM² Project Management Methodology beyond purely EU institutions and including Contractors, Member States and finally all European citizens. PM² captures the experience of EU institutions from managing thousands of projects, change initiatives, programmes and grants.

What is the purpose of the PM² Group?

The purpose of the PM Group is to facilitate access to PM² learning materials, training, and PM² Certification for non-EU staff members. The PM² group is the first public PM² certification program to comply with the internal certification program of the European Commission for EU staff.

Like all the other members, QRP International is an active contributor and supporter of the PM² Methodology and works to establish a foundation for better and more efficient European projects.

The PM² Group is the first organisation to offer a public certification based on the internal certification guidelines of the European Commission with the same certification levels for theoretical and practical knowledge.

Why choose the PM² Group Certification?

The PM² Group offers PM² Project Management Methodology courses in accordance with the European Commission, Centre of Excellence in PM² (CoEPM²), to non-EU staff. QRP International is part of the PM² Group, the only certification institute that meets the European Commission’s standards. Both certification programmes have exams with the same covered topics, the required level of understanding, number of questions, passing score, and exam time. For the first time, non-EU staff can now be certified the same way as EU staff.

In short, the PM² Group Certification:

  • Offers a Programme and exam which align 100% to the EU syllabus
  • Is equivalent to the internal EU Certification programme
  • Is available in multiple European languages, among which English, French, Italian, Spanish & German

Who is the PM² Group Certification for?

PM² helps establish a common project management language and process for projects across organisations, increase effectiveness, collaboration efficiency and success in the coordination of projects in the EU. Using PM² is especially effective for managing projects within:

  • European institutions
  • Public Administrations and non-governmental organisations
  • Service Providers to these administrations and institutions
  • European coordinated or funded projects
  • Private companies with a significant project portfolio

The PM² Foundation certification is aimed at Project Managers and aspiring Project Managers. It is also relevant to other key staff involved in the design, development and delivery of projects.

Would you like to learn more about the PM² Project Management Methodology? Take a look at our website!

Want to know the story of PM²? Or would you like to read an example of PM² application? We have two blog posts for you:

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Date: 17/10/2022
Every year in October, the teams of the QRP Group, QRP International and QRPeople unite their forces to raise awareness for breast cancer. This year, we handed out "handmade" creations of Charlène and Manon from Atelier Celcius to have our employees proudly wear Pink October pins. In this way, QRP participates in its own way to support and raise awareness of the campaign against breast cancer. All profits of the pins are donated to the Breast Cancer Research. Why Pink October? Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the world and is the main reason for death caused by cancer in women. It affects around 2.3 million women each year, which means 1 out of 8. The objective of Pink October is an organised screening programme within your country in order to detect breast cancer early and reduce mortality. If breast cancer is detected early, it can be cured in almost 90% of the cases. Pink October is a prevention campaign highlighting the risks of breast cancer and promoting scientific research as well as support for women and men (yes, men too!) who unfortunately are affected by this medical condition. Through our initiative (and all those organised around the world), we like to promote breast cancer screening. Useful links for more information #Every woman matters
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Date: 04/03/2022

At a time of unprecedented change, organisations are challenged by an extraordinary pace of technological innovation. Agile product delivery is needed, but is not enough anymore. Companies need business agility. This means that all departments need to use Lean and Agile practices to continually and proactively deliver innovative business solutions in a fast and efficient way. SAFe®, an enterprise framework for scaling agile, has the guidance to help organisations get there. It is an agility framework at scale, which means that instead of having an agile team it will imply an agile transformation for the complete organisation.

Leading SAFe

QRP International is now a Scaled Agile Bronze Transformation Partner. We offer the Leading SAFe training, which prepares for the SAFe 5 Agilist certification.

Scaled Agile Bronze Transformation Partner

The Leading SAFe course enables attendees to lead a Lean-Agile enterprise successfully into the adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). After an introduction to SAFe, the training provides the best practises and methods to drive your Lean-Agile transformation.

Thanks to SAFe 5.0, your organisation can become the Agile business it needs to be and win in the digital age.

Why could SAFe be the best choice for you?

If you want to become a lean-agile leader, SAFe could be the best solution for you. The framework is well suited to complex projects with many teams involved. Some of the benefits of the framework:

  • It guarantees the technical agility of teams
  • It makes it easier to drive and support organisational change
  • It leverages the benefits of Agile, Scrum, Lean, DevOps and Kanban
  • It can support you in managing your projects with a higher degree of agility, thus providing stakeholders with faster feedback
  • The SAFe certification is recognized worldwide

Want to know more? Visit our page: SAFe certification

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Date: 03/06/2021

Is it possible to learn how to be better at managing change in an agile world?”. This was the question Melanie Franklin, renowned Agile & Change Management expert, transformed into an answer. In 2014 she published the book “Agile Change Management – a practical framework for successful change planning and implementation”. The book provides an approach for managing transformational change initiatives, using a lot of the ideas from the agile methodologies. This book has led to the creation of the Agile Change Agent qualification.

Two years ago we had the opportunity to interview Melanie Franklin and today we are proud to announce the launch of the Agile Change Agent courses.

Agile Change Agent: an agile approach to change

An Agile approach to change is about doing change in waves of change. According to Melanie Franklin, Agile Change Management is about accepting that in this world of very fast moving change, it is not a good idea to try and plan every single change detail upfront.

The Agile Change Agent course & certification provides the participant with guidelines to those that want to work in a change. The course provides insight into how to plan and manage all the activities that are needed to design, deliver and adopt change in an Agile way.

The course answers the questions “What makes a change successful?” “What is it that we really need to know to make a change successful?” “How can we manage our changes in an agile world?”. It is not about what you have to do but how you are supposed to do it, the techniques you can use.

Are you an Agile Change Agent?

You are a change agent if you are responsible for the creation of new ways of working as a result of a project investment. Or if you are in a change management role, where you are identifying what needs to be done by those who are going to have to work differently.

But you are also a change agent if you are impacted by change in sales, marketing, HR, finance or other departments. You have daily priorities, you use existing ways of working to satisfy current customer demand and get the job done, but you are also mobilizing your colleagues and yourself to participate in the changes your organisation makes/decides. So you are acting as a change agent.

Understanding activities for effective change management and including them in your Agile project plan increases the chances that the deliverables from your project will be adopted as new business as usual working practices.

People may not be called Change Agents but the point is that on top of their daily job they have a role to help make change happen and ultimately integrate change into the current ways of working.

Why the Agile Change Agent course could be relevant for you?

  • Agile and change explained on a practical level
  • The course contains many problem solving techniques
  • You can benefit from a practical kit of techniques, checklists and tools so you can start managing your change projects using what you have learnt from the moment you leave the course
  • The course helps those who know about change understand Agile, and those who know about Agile learn about change
  • You can get a qualification on your CV that proves you have skills in Agile and Change Management - hitting the two hottest topics in business today.

Want to know more? Visit our page Agile Change Agent

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Date: 29/01/2021

Preparing for the PMP® exam is not an easy task. It requires commitment and dedication, plus you have to choose the right training provider.

The training provider will prepare you for the exam and will enable you to successfully submit your exam application. Indeed, in order to apply for the PMP exam, you should prove you completed 35 hours of project management training.

Why QRP?

QRP is a PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP). To maintain this designation, we must continuously meet rigorous standards for quality and effectiveness. As ATP we completed the PMI Train the Trainer – PMP Exam Prep® program and we use PMI-developed training course content.

Training with an Authorized Partner will ensure you are trained:

  • By an organization you can trust
  • With high-quality PMI-developed course content
  • By PMI-approved instructors

What you can expect from us:

  • quality training
  • licensed content for Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • online learning assets like quizzes, knowledge checks and videos
  • trainers with a badge that shows they are PMI-approved instructors
  • assistance from the trainer for the exam subscription + other possible services based on the language of the training!

Still not convinced?

  • Our PMP courses include the PMBoK (Project Management body of Knowledge) in its last edition (6th edition for now, 7th edition as soon as it will be launched) which represents good practice for most projects most of the time.
  • Any PDU claim made against a course delivered by QRP will automatically be accepted by PMI without audit.
  • You can choose between different course formats: we offer classroom, virtual and corporate training.
  • QRP has 20 years’ experience delivering Project Management training across the world.
  • Our trainers are carefully selected from our specialized network. Most trainers are accredited on multiple Best Practices.

QRP offers classroom, virtual and corporate training. Visit our PMP exam preparation course page to know all details! For any questions, feel free to contact us directly.

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