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Time: 18.00 Location: Brussels Type: Conference Language:

The Public Administration world is in full change and looking for support and aid to successfully complete their ideas and projects.

QRP International has developed itself as an information provider towards the public sector and has built credibility on informing and supporting the public sector in their search to improve their project management practices.

PRINCE2 is perfectly placed to be a solution for the public sector as it is originated from the (British) Public Sector. The solutions that are provided within the Best practice framework are made by PA and are meant to be used by PA.
The conference P3 for PA stands for Projects, Programmes and Portfolio’s within Public Adminstration.

The conference has two objectives:

  • Reward loyal PA clients by holding an exclusive preview of the company services and by creating networking opportunities
  • Offer the chance to the PA clients to benchmark and learn from the people they meet and the presentations they follow.

We are proud to be sponsored by Axelos Global Best Practice for this P3 for PA event: AXELOS is responsible for developing, enhancing and promoting a number of best practice methodologies used globally by professionals working primarily in project, programme and portfolio management, IT service management and cyber resilience.

The methodologies, including ITIL, PRINCE2, MSP and the new collection of cyber resilience best practice products, RESILIA, are adopted by private, public and voluntary sectors in more than 150 countries to improve employees’ skills, knowledge and competence in order to make both individuals and organizations work more effectively.


  • AFMPS (Agence Fédérale des Médicaments et Produits de Santé) – Mr. MAHY Didier, Executive Projects & Portfolio Management Officer, “La gestion et le suivi de projets au sein de l’AFMPS: Mise en place d’un PPMO (Projects & Portfolio Management Office)”

What is the role, mission and expectations related to the implementation of a PMO within a Public Service such as the Agence Fédérale des Médicaments et Produits de Santé? What are the methods and means? And what are the results of the implementation of the PMO and what improvements still need to be made?

  • SMALS – Mr. Tom Van Medegael, Project Management Officer “PRINCE2 @Smals: Best Practices & lessons learned”:

In 2016, Smals made the switch from a PMBOK-based to a PRINCE2-based project management framework. This step has created a strong momentum for both internal (software development + IT infrastructure) and external management, in order to follow a common public-sector project management process. In 2017 SMALS achieved a maturity with a good potential for further synergies within the sector. A number of best practices and lessons learned will be discussed during the presentation.

  • QRP International – Mr. Georges de Wasseige, Accredited PRINCE2 and Change Management trainer and consultant.
  • AXELOS Global Best Practice – Mr. Luis Ribero, Partner Account Manager

By the end of the workshop participants should:

  • Be more familiar with the structure on how to set up a P3 structure;
  • Develop some ideas on how to improve their own organisation;
  • Have been explained an assessment tool for their maturity in P3;
  • Share experiences with peers, experts and a field panel.

This workshop will be particularly relevant for:

  • Project/Programme/Portfolio managers involved in Public organisation;
  • People who want to discuss how to move forward from their actual situation and do a reality check with an accredited and experienced consultant and colleagues from the same sector;
  • Professionals that are looking for more structure on how to align projects with the overall strategy. It is not important at which stage or level they are.


  • Location: The International Auditorium, Brussels (Rogier Area)
  • Date: 14 September 2017
  • Time: 18h00 -21h30 – Registration starts at 17h30 (Walking dinner included)
  • Language: French/Dutch/English – Speakers will present in their own language. Participant can ask questions in their own language
  • Attendance fee: FREE entrance, inscription required
  • Inscription: to enroll please click on the “Register Now” button below

For more information about the content, contact-us and we will reply you with a mail or call as soon as possible.
NOTE: This conference is an information session containing interactive elements. This session will not give you any formal qualification in any certification. It does lead to PDU points. Please ask us your attendance certificate in case of need.

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Time: 18.00 Location: Diegem Type: Workshop Language:

AgilePM is a Project Management Best Practice method.

This workshop, in ENGLISH Language, will focus on the roles and responsibilities within an AgilePM typical project


  • People who know nothing about Agile but would like a practical overview
  • People who want to enable organizations to gain the benefits of an agile approach without introducing unnecessary risks
  • People who want to explore what Agile has to offer to decide if it is right for their organization
  • People who want to obtain a flexible yet controlled process that can be used to deliver solutions
  • Agile team members who wish to become Agile Project Managers


  • Understand the background of Agile methodologies: What is Agile and what’s different from “standard” methods
  • Understand the basics of Agile and how to mantain control of projects through MoSCoW and Time boxing
  • Understand what’s the added value of Agile projects: Iteratice and Incremental approaches
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities within an Agile project
  • Develop some ideas of how to incorporate Agile into their current ways of working
  • Assess the benefits of using Agile in their organization
  • Begin to think about whether Agile is right for you or your organization and where to go next with it
  • Get an overview of the benfits of an Agile certification


  • Location: Regus Brussels -Diegem-
  • Time: 18:00 – 19:30- registration starts at 17:30
  • Date: May 24th
  • Language: English
  • Trainer: David Maegerman, PRINCE2 and AgilePM accredited trainer and consultant
  • Attendance fee: FREE entrance, registration required
  • Inscription: to enroll please fill in the form below and click on “Register Now“.


For more information about the content, contact-us and we will reply you with a mail or call as soon as possible.

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Time: 11.00 Location: Online Type: Webinar Language:

PRINCE2 is a Project Management Best Practice method, ITIL is the most known IT Service Management framework.

This webinar, in ITALIAN Language, will explain how Project Management and Service Management should integrate and the benefits for your company from this integration.


  • IT Consultants
  • IT Managers
  • IT Directors
  • Service Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Project Team Members
  • Team Managers


  • Introduction to ITIL and PRINCE2
  • Difference between projects and services
  • PRINCE2 and ITIL Processes
  • PRINCE2 and ITIL Integrations’ benefits
  • Integration with Programme Management
  • Integration with Change Management



For more information about the content, contact-us and we will reply you with a mail or call as soon as possible.

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Time: 8.30 Location: Paris Type: Conference Language:

Nowadays, organisations need to change better, faster, cheaper: there are many factors of Change that companies and organizations need to recognize and know how to face. These “factors” are technically called “Drivers of Change“, and they investigate the key global issues and trends driving change in our societies and markets.

These kind of changes will affect the organisations in many different ways: in order to be ready, any organization need to have a strong Project Management structure. 

Our FREE PM event focuses on Public Organizations, due to the different and specific Management of Benefits that need to be put in place in this sector. This unique event will gather key pesons from the industry and help you learning more about the PRINCE2 framework and how your organization can benefit from implementing or improving it.  This session contains real life cases.  During the session participants are given the opportunity interact with questions, stories and general information sharing.

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