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Developing Professionals

We support you to achieve professional excellence in Project Management, IT Governance & Service Management, Agile, Change Management, Programme, Portfolio, PMO Management through worldwide recognized accreditations.

Project Management

Project Management is a strategic organizational competence that could help your organization managing and controlling different types of projects and different types of change.

As Project Manager you can develop your existing skills and learn new skills to help your organization to succeed by delivering high quality deliverables without compromising cost and deadline.

Discover our full selection of Project Management training solutions to learn new tools and techniques and gain practical advice to implement in your working life.


IT Governance & Service Management

Organisations depend more and more on IT and need to align IT services with business priorities to achieve strategic objectives. You need to ensure that the right processes, people and technology are in place so that your organisation can meet its business goals.

Your accreditation and the one of your colleagues in the IT Governance & Service Management is a sign of advanced experience and skill and gives a distinct advantage for organisations bidding for public and private tenders.


Agile & DevOps

The Agile methodology emphasizes short development cycles, known as sprints, and frequent iterations, with the goal of delivering working software as quickly as possible. Originated in the software development industry in the early 2000s, Agile has since been widely adopted across industries and has become a popular approach to managing projects and teams.

Agile and DevOps are a powerful combination for software development: Agile provides a framework for fast and flexible development, DevOps automates and streamlines the delivery process, allowing for faster and more reliable software releases.


Change Management

Dealing with change and, more significantly, the impact of change, is a high priority for organisations. Change management helps organisations optimize the resources, processes and technology needed to deliver business results.

Change Management training can equip you with the knowledge, theories and techniques to effectively plan and implement successful change initiatives.

Change Management
Agile Change Agent

Programme, Portfolio, PMO Management

Programme, Portfolio, PMO Management are often implemented together to achieve the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Programme Management ensure that the projects are aligned with the overall strategy, that the projects are coordinated effectively, and that resources are used efficiently.

Portfolio Management takes decisions about implementing the right changes (projects and programmes) to business as usual.

A PMO (Project Management Office) is responsible for defining and maintaining project management standards, processes and methodologies and provides support to project teams.


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