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Agile Change Management
Agile Change Management

Agile Change Management

Agile Change Management is a practical guide to planning and delivering change using the Agile principles of incremental and iterative delivery.

The official Agile Change Management certification & course, renamed “Agile Change Agent”, is designed for people who are looking for the practical application of effective Agile and Change management techniques.

The certification builds practical abilities in agile and change to support effective transformation and change initiative, focusing also on the ‘people’ side of change.

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agile change management

  • Build practical ability in agile and change
  • Plan and manage all the activities needed to design, deliver and adopt change in an Agile way
  • Enable effective and lasting change in Agile environments
  • Classroom and Virtual solutions


What is Agile Change Agent?

The Agile Change Agent certification is based upon the book “Agile Change Management – a practical framework for successful change planning and implementation”. The book, authored by Melanie Franklin, renowned Agile & Change Management expert, provides an approach for managing transformational change initiatives using a lot of the ideas from the agile methodologies.

The certification is designed to bridge the gap between those that have studied the formal theories, models and methodologies of Agile project management and/or change management, and those who are looking for the practical application of effective agile and change management techniques.

It could also be an entry into the world of Agile and change for all those in the business who are impacted, but whose day job continues to be a “business as usual” role.

The purpose of this course is to support the ideas of collaboration, empowerment and self-direction that are core to Agile approaches. These ideas are also at the heart of effective change management. Unless people participate in designing, practicing and adopting the change for themselves, the change does not happen and benefits cannot be realized.

The certification includes a simple, repeatable lifecycle model which acts as the structure of any change plan. It provides questionnaires and checklists to help create the culture for effective change as well as the structural techniques for creating the plan and prioritising the work. The course includes techniques for the people side of change.

Agile Change Agent Training

QRP International is an accredited training organisation (ATO) for Agile Change Agent. Check our training formats and pick one that suits your needs or works best for your colleagues.

Agile Change Management Benefits

  • Provides a practical framework for successful change planning and implementation
  • Using examples and best-practice advice, the certification enables the creation of an effective roadmap to manage any type of change initiative in an agile way
  • Offers pioneering tools to ensure change initiatives are embedded, adopted and deliver benefits throughout the organization
  • Focuses on learning HOW to do things, not just WHAT you need to know
  • Facilitates effective interaction with project/change teams

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