Unveiling QRP’s Advisory Board

QRP is pleased to announce its Advisory Board to develop the activities of the company. This board is composed of Carl Lenaerts, Guy Ballantine and Andrea Franco.

The Advisory Board’s mandate is clear: to provide strategic guidance, offer insights and recommendations on key business decisions and review and assess new initiatives and opportunities. With their collective expertise, we are confident that the Advisory Board will inspire QRP to grow reaching new heights of success.

At QRP we welcome this new addition to our team and now it is time to introduce our advisers that will help us develop professionals to facilitate changes. Before reading their interviews on our Best Practices blog, we have prepared three teasers for you to enjoy below! Stay tuned and excited…

Carl Lenaerts

Carl Lenaerts has worked for one of the biggest Belgian banks. In 2009, his banking career ended there as a MidCorp and a corporate banker. Then, he joined as country operation manager of a cinema chain called Kinepolis. In 2023, after an 18-month-experience at Standaard Boekhandel, he became the CEO of Plopsa. It is one of the most leading family theme parks in Europe that also includes aqua parks, indoor parks, hotels and villas.

Our favourite quote from his interview:
“Being part of a team is to be able to explain something difficult in a simple way”.

Read his interview: Unlocking leadership secrets – Interview with Carl Lenaerts!

Guy Ballantine

Guy is a CEO, COO and board adviser who transforms businesses through operational improvement, data-driven growth strategies and M&A. He has experience across Private Equity, Public Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnership businesses in multiple sectors, including HR Tech, Education and Business & Professional Services. Besides his executive roles, Guy also enjoys combining his advisory and commercial skills by being a board advisor to help other senior leaders.

Our favourite quote from his interview:
“If we listen to each other we can find the answers and solutions to most challenges”.

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Andrea Franco

Andrea Franco began his career in 1987 at Fiat Auto SPA, working both in his hometown of Turin and internationally, particularly managing start-up projects for new plants. He then worked at Case New Holland, Iveco and Fiat Group Purchasing, before returning to FiatChrysler Automobiles. After a short experience in Datalogic, he joined Marelli in 2019, where he currently holds key roles in production, quality, purchasing and management of the Green Technology Solutions division.

Our favourite quote from his interview:
“The project manager is the captain, he/she is that figure to whom all corporate functions must refer in order to accomplish the mission”.

Read his interview: Project Management in the automotive industry: Interview with Andrea Franco!

The formation of QRP’s new Advisory Board represents a significant milestone in our journey towards continued growth and evolution. We are confident that the collective expertise and leadership of our board members will lead to greater success.