DevOps: From the movement to its implementation

Time: 18.30 Location: Paris Type: Workshop Language:

The DevOps movement has been around for several years. But today, it is making the BUZZ because companies have a real need! They evolve towards a customer-driven dynamic approach for the development and delivery of solutions. DevOps allows organizations to be responsive to time to market in a fast manner and therefore to meet customer needs.

Consequences: The interest in DevOps is increasing fastly worldwide. Every IT professionals are talking about it and DevOps skills are more and more required.

QRP International proposes to demystify the DevOps approach: from its origins to its implementation within organizations, thanks to our afterwork workshop. It will also highlight the point of view of the development teams as well as the one of the production teams.

1- IT services problems
2- How DevOps brings a solution?
3-The DevOps structure
4- How to implement the DevOps movement?
5- User companies
6- Training, certification and coaching
7- Questions & answers

Join our workshop: a real opportunity to understand how DevOps works and how to implement it !