17 May 2018

DevOps: From the movement to its implementation

The DevOps movement has been around for several years. But today, it is making the BUZZ because companies have a real need! They evolve towards a customer-driven dynamic approach for the development and delivery of solutions. DevOps allows organizations to be responsive to time to market in a fast manner and therefore to meet customer [...]

25 Apr 2018

7th Edition – Project Management in Hospital

QRP International a l’honneur de vous inviter à la 7ème conférence dédiée aux hôpitaux. Notre société et nos formateurs ont une riche et longue expérience dans la gestion des projets et services dans les hôpitaux belges et nous cherchons d'être toujours à l’avant-garde pour ce qui concerne l’implémentation des bonnes pratiques dans ce secteur. Les [...]

5 Jun 2018

PRINCE2 Tailoring: “PRINCE2 on A4” and PRINCE2 for complex projects

TAILORING: "Adapting a method or process to suit the situation in which it will be used" (from "Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2" manual, p.30) The 2017 version of PRINCE2, while keeping the essentials of the method unchanged, focuses on the principle of TAILORING, underlining how PRINCE2 should be tailored for a project's particular circumstances. The [...]

8 Jun 2018

AgilePM: 8 Reasons to Adopt the Method

Agile approaches continue to increase in popularity in the world of project management. A range of popular Agile methods have been employed to varying degrees by organizations to support their project management practices. But few of them offer a complete project management solution (e.g. covering the full project lifecycle, roles & responsibilities, etc). AgilePM guidance [...]