How to use PRINCE2 on a small scale project - The tips of the experts

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    PRINCE2 2017 - Project Management -

    The 2017 version of PRINCE2, while keeping the essentials of the method unchanged, focuses on the principle of TAILORING, underlining how PRINCE2 should be tailored for a project’s particular circumstances. The renewed emphasis on this principle is proven by a completely new chapter focusing on “Tailoring and adopting PRINCE2”. In this chapter the authors show how PRINCE2 can and MUST be tailored to suit specific situations. To that end, they add a lot of useful tips on what can be tailored and how. We asked two of our Project Management expert as well as PRINCE2 trainer and consultants to answer the question “How to use PRINCE2 on a small-scale project?” by giving examples and concrete Best Practices to follow. This document includes 2 articles: “An example of PRINCE2 Tailoring: a Trainer’s Wedding!” By Fabio Savarino and “Understand Your Needs and Choose the Proper Approach” By Armel Quirino. ENJOY YOUR READING!