PRINCE2 and Agile All About Delivery

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  • Axelos
    AgilePM - PRINCE2 Agile - PRINCE2 2017 - Project Management -

    The goal of this white paper from Axelos is to introduce PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile to people working in agile environments, by answering questions like “Can PRINCE2 work with an Agile delivery mechanism?” and “Even knowing that PRINCE2 can work with an agile delivery model, why should I want to know more about this? What are the benefits of the integration?”. One of the challenges that we face when we discuss PRINCE2 in any context is the number of myths and misconceptions that abound about the model. Many think they know what it is and how it works.  Yet the reality is often very different. Some of the myths about PRINCE2 are around PRINCE2 being “top-heavy”, waterfall based, focuses on command and control etc… While PRINCE2 in fact shows that is a tailored framework, it makes no mention to command and control, and no mention to waterfall, and it has many mentions of small and light management relative to the size job.