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HERMES 5 Advanced
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HERMES 5 Advanced Training and Certification

In the course, you deepen your knowledge of the HERMES 5 method and thus efficiently prepare you for the practical application as well as for the certification examination HERMES 5 Advanced. You learn how to adapt the method to the requirements of your projects. The course prepares you specifically for the exam.

HERMES 5 Advanced Course

The HERMES 5 Advanced is a three-day classroom training and also includes the Advanced exam.

The course teaches you the logical structure of the HERMES 5 method. You deepen the application of the HERMES 5 method using the example of the scenario IT individual application and thus efficiently prepare yourself for the practical application as well as the certification exam ‘HERMES 5 Advanced‘. The modular structure of the training course and the support provided enable you to meet your individual needs.

The course is confirmed when the minimum number of 4 participants is reached.

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Following the completion of the course participants should:

  • Be able to manage a project according to HERMES
  • Know the roles responsible for the tasks
  • Be able to assess the results of the study, project management plan and project assignment.
  • Be able to plan a project and create a schedule with tasks, results and logical dependencies.
  • Be able to explain the interaction of the project and master organization at the “project release” milestone
  • Be able to support the client in his decision to complete the project.

Target audience

  • Project Manager
  • Project Team Members
  • Controller
  • Decision makers
  • PMO staff
  • Quality Management
  • Control management

HERMES 5 Foundation Exam

  • 2 hours.
  • Both parts of the exam last 60 minutes each, with a break in between.
  • Part 1: Multiple-choice – 30 questions
  • Part 2: Multiple-choice with the practical situation – 15 questions
  • The test documents are provided by the TÜV SÜD Examination Institute.

Examination is organized by QRP, but the service is provided by TÜV SÜD Akademie who will send an invigilator for the correct holding of the examination. The exam session can be organized when the minimum number of 4 participants is reached.
Otherwise, QRP can organize a training session and help candidates to register for the examination section of TÜV SÜD Akademie.


It is desirable but not essential that participants have some experience of working on projects. Some pre-read material is provided prior to the event and is expected to be fully read before attending the course.


The following course material is included for this event:

  • Pre-Event Study Materials

The event preparation materials include a structured Pre-Event Study Guide- available online

  • QRP HERMES Vademecum

This handout contains case study, exercises and solutions, Foundation test-exams and hints & tips for the Foundation Examination.

  • Official HERMES 5 Manual

Why choose QRP?

  1. Prepare more efficiently with our pre-course study guide available online
  2. Save money, our prices include pre-course material, manuals, exams and certificate.
  3. Take advantage of our +20 years’ experience delivering training across the world
  4. We provide the highest level of training and service to help you gain your HERMES 5 certification.

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Classroom Course Calendar

QRP International organises fully accredited HERMES 5 Advanced in Zurich and Lausanne.

HERMES 5 - Foundation2 DaysGerman3-4 March 2021SwitzerlandVirtualCHF1750+ VATBook now
HERMES 5 - Foundation2 DaysFrench10-11 March 2021SwitzerlandVirtualCHF1750+ VATBook now
HERMES 5 - Foundation2 DaysFrench9-10 June 2021SwitzerlandVirtualCHF1750+ VATBook now
HERMES 5 - Foundation2 DaysFrench14-15 June 2021SwitzerlandGenevaCHF2400+ VATBook now
HERMES 5 - Foundation2 DaysGerman21-22 June 2021SwitzerlandVirtualCHF1750+ VATBook now
HERMES 5 - Foundation2 DaysGerman28-29 June 2021SwitzerlandZurichCHF2400+ VATBook now

3 Reasons to follow your HERMES 5 Advanced training with QRP

  • 1 +20 years’ experience
  • 2 +20.000 Delegates certified
  • 3 Pre-course study guide


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